Tired of TV Commercials?
Stop watching them!

Skipr removes commercials from live and recorded television

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It's about making tv productive

The average tv viewer watches 75+ minutes of commercials daily. Skipr can reduce that to zero.


Skipr works with your existing HD television and cable/satellite box and supports up to 4K resolution so your investment is future-proofed.

Easy to Customize

During commercial breaks, Skipr fills the void with content that is favorable to you. When the commercials are over, Skipr automatically returns you to your program without missing a beat.


The Skipr commercial detection engine processes television channels in real-time. Your channel guide indicates which channels are at commercial before you even tune them in.

Personal Channel Guides

Each member of the family can have their own custom-tailored channel guide based on their interests, and parents can control what channels and programs their children can view.

Lots of Options

During commercials, Skipr can help you catch up on your social networks, listen to music, check your email, stocks, and weather, or simply mute the tv or display a soothing screensaver.


Follow live Twitter streams for your favorite tv shows and tweet right from your tv. Skipr automatically applies the correct hashtags for the current show.


Skipr can show you videos that are related to your current tv channel and program, and are formatted to fit within the commercial break.


Watching "The Big Game" but want to keep an eye on other league action? Skipr will jump you to other game channels during commercial breaks and bring you back when the break is over.

Loads of Games and Apps

Skipr leverages the Google Play app store so you have access to hundreds of games and applications to fill those commercial breaks!

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Take Control of your TV Experience

How many hours of television does your family watch each day? According to Nielsen Ratings, the average U.S. family watches over 5 hours of tv daily, that's over 75 minutes of commercials!

Skipr empowers you to be more productive and enjoy the downtime during commercial breaks. It's like a breath of fresh air during a barrage of advertising.